Lexington mayoral candidate Jim Gray just announced his new campaign team:

  • Jamie Emmons, Campaign Manager – Jamie, a native Kentuckian and graduate of UK has been a Lexington resident for 11 years. He and his wife, Kari, were married nearly five years ago, at the Kentucky Horse Park. Jamie’s experience includes over 40 political campaigns – both candidate and issue campaigns. These elections have taken him across the state and ranged from local to statewide races including Bruce Lunsford’s bid for U.S. Senate in 08′. Jamie joins the Gray campaign after spending the past 18 months as an aide to Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo.
  • Jennifer Mossotti, Political Director – Jennifer is a high energy community leader who has been working in Lexington for over 30 years. Serving as ninth district council member from 98′ to 06′ Jennifer truly knows the needs of people all across Lexington and will be working to hear more about what YOUR neighboorhood needs.
  • Lisa Tanner, Field Consultant – Lisa has worked for the past six years on various political campaigns around the state of Kentucky. She has managed field for races from Mayoral campaigns to the Governor’s office and is well respected as an expert in grassroots and field targeting. Lisa has most recently served as the field director for Greg Fischer’s Mayoral Primary in Louisville, Congressman Yarmuth’s 2008 victory and as the statewide Institutional Field Director for Governor Steve Beshear’s 2007 victory.
  • Taylor Coots, Field Director – Taylor, a native Kentuckian, has spent over seven years in Lexington at the University of Kentucky and The Martin School. With experience running field operations in five states and at every level for candidates like Bill Richardson, Bruce Lunsford, and Creigh Deeds, Taylor brings the experience to our team to run a dynamic ground game.
  • Emily Gallt, Finance Director – Emily, a native of Lexington, is a graduate of SCAPA at Lafayette High School and Centre College in Danville, KY. Emily worked in Finance for Governor Steve Beshear’s campaign in 07′ and most recently served as Deputy Finance Director for Dr. Daniel Mongiardo’s United States Senate campaign.
  • Walker Mattox, Communications Director – Walker, also a native Kentuckian has called Lexington home for over four years. Having attended UK, Walker served as IT Director for Governor Steve Beshear’s 07′ campaign, and in the Governor’s Office as Director of Information Technology. He most recently worked as IT Director for the Kentucky Horse Park preparing for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

The fact that Gray’s assembled such a varied team should send shockwaves through Lexington’s political circles.

With Jamie, he brings his dad, Dale, the most powerful legislators, the Lunsford folks, even the Isaac folks. Lisa Tanner brings the Mongiardo machine and an entire circle of Democrats who aren’t usually tapped by non-partisan races in Lexington. Taylor solidifies the folks Jamie brings on board. Walker Mattox brings the folks from the Governor’s world and the Young Democrats from around the state.

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