We have taken great pride in our work and in the results of Jim Gray’s campaign last fall. 

The current edition of Campaigns & Election magazine includes a case study on Lexington Mayor Jim Gray’s election.  I wanted to share the article with you.  (pdf)

As most everyone knows, following the campaign Mayor Gray hired my son Jamie to go with him to City Hall as his Chief of Staff. 

Now there is some more news.  Earlier this year pollster Mark Mellman and media consultant Doc Sweitzer nominated Jamie for the American Association of Political Consultants Pollie Award as the nation’s 2010 Local Campaign Manager of the Year.  AAPC President Whit Ayers has now announced that the online ballots have been tallied.  Jamie will receive the award.  The Award will be presented at the Annual Pollie Awards Dinner this Friday evening at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, DC.  Mayor Gray is scheduled to be on hand.